5 Things I Learned Turning 35

So on March 17th I turned 35 and when I tell you the entire world feels completely different and new, you have no idea. It’s like the answers to the questions just popped in my head all of a sudden and universe is making sense. So I decided to share my thoughts on it. I […]

Rise of the Makeshifts

The last year has been a hellish routine of dealing with my family. I have seen things fall apart from the closeness we once had. My siblings are not seeing eye to eye (myself included) and serious warring and feuding have all come to a head. I have come to the conclusion that I need […]

Me and My Man JC

Not a blog I ever intended writing but you like to hear it? Here it go. I have been a consistent Christian for about six years now. I tell you it’s a job. I grew up catholic, went to Sunday school and even made it to communion. My maternal grandfather is a devout Catholic and […]