10 Things Gay Men Need To Start…

      1. Learning the Bible, Torah, or Quran…. As a Christian gay man people have used the biblical scriptures against me to discredit me from having rights and freedoms. To my credit I have done some studying of the bible and its interpretations. People seem to regularly use Leviticus 20:13 against us; “If […]

Legal Institutions Rule!!!

So recently the state of Maryland has become the eighth state to recognize gay unions. Now I am not writing to choose a side but to state my opinion on the matter and where I stand on it. This all stemmed from a friend on Facebook posting the article from the Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/maryland-politics/post/md-to-become-eighth-state-to-legalize-gay-marriage/2012/03/01/gIQAJKxmkR_blog.html?tid=sm_twitter_washingtonpost) acknowledging […]