5 Things I Learned Turning 35

So on March 17th I turned 35 and when I tell you the entire world feels completely different and new, you have no idea. It’s like the answers to the questions just popped in my head all of a sudden and universe is making sense. So I decided to share my thoughts on it. I […]

You Can’t F*ck Everybody

So you are out at an event. You are dressed to the nines and smelling good and amazing. Your hair is fresh and you’re more confident than Mike Tyson in boxing match with Dr. Ruth. You know you got this tonight. You are nice and settled in the room, you came with the right friends. […]

What Is Safe Sex?

We all know safe sex is the use of contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. My question is with all those things why is sex still unsafe? Recently I have gone through a breakup and as of now I am not ready to discuss it (still processing), but I have slowly began the […]

The Kermit Complex

So anyone that knows me knows I love a thick sassy woman. It’s like I have an innate gravitation to them. I didn’t notice this until I realized that most of my closest female friends and even my best friend was this archetype. When I really took an inventory of all my the women in […]

Do You Like Me or The Idea of Me?

  In the catastrophe of this winter I have had a lot of candid conversations with other “prospective hopefuls”. I think people are attracted to the idea of me, not me. You feel me? It’s like I talk a good game but they eventually won’t seal the deal. Often times these are people who are […]

Cuffing Season: Reloaded

So you know we all thought this was a rumor. Hell I did until one weekend it got real. So let me explain this for those who don’t know. Cuffing season is an event when men and/or women are in the pursuit in sealing a regular lover at the end of the summer. This pursuit […]