The 5 Reasons Kim Fields should return to the RHOA

Kim FieldsSo I have been noticing a lot of post being anti-Kim Fields on the eighth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I think she is more than perfect for the show. Here are the five reasons why Kim is important to the franchise?

1. She is what the housewives originally represented. She is a mother and a wife first. She represents what the series originally was doing. Detailing the lives of women who are married and with families or trying to build one.

2. She is the antithesis to the Kenya Moores of the series. She is quite the opposite of messy, a victim, and troublesome. How about accountable, direct, and emotionally intelligent.

3. She is finally shedding light on the fuckery that is Kenya Moore. She hasn’t occupied space with any of these women prior to the series and she acknowledges that clearly there is something wrong with the interpersonal relationships with the women. She may cry about her children but she is not a pushover otherwise and shoots straight from the hip.

4. She provides a positive example of a black women in reality tv. To the chagrin of the Married to Medicine series, Dr. Jackie has been an essential necessity to the series because she provides character balance like Kim does. Everyone can’t be fighting, going off at simple things, being a fag hag card carrier, a label whore addict, and a drink tossing primitive.

5. She is necessary to characters like Phaedra and Kandi who are all mothers with homegrown businesses and brands and have younger children. She creates the storyline of motherhood and again shedding a positive light on the black family. She provides the hope that you can have it all.

All in all I don’t know what people are expecting from the Housewives of Atlanta this upcoming season. Every character can’t be full of drama and just because you sign up for reality television it does not mean you have to act like a complete ass on the regular basis. Sometimes we have to get back to reinforcing positive images of us as black people. I know Kim cries a lot but let’s be real and her moments are very real… Would anyone really want to deal with a group of messy grown women or deal with your kids who are acting their age?

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