The Diversity v LogoTV

So I want to first say congrats to RuPaul Charles for receiving two Emmy Nominations for his very favorable and enjoyable show RuPaul’s Drag Race. I didn’t start following the series until its second season and to be honest. I still have not seen the first season. It looks janky but I figure because they didn’t have the budget yet, but by that second season you can see that they garnered support.

RPDR (RuPaul’s Drag Race) has become the most iconic LGBTQ cable show next to Queer as Folk and Noah’s Arc. The show represents so much diversity and complexity for the LGBTQ community. I love the show because you are introduced to queens from all minority groups and backgrounds and the cast is never whitewashed with a few tokens here and there. In the eighth season the Top Four was Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, and Chi Chi DeVayne all of who were people of color from different regions of the United States and Kim Chi (specifically) grew up partly in South Korea.

Sadly RPDR is the only series on LogoTV I now watch besides The Golden Girls or Will and Grace if they are showing. I used to watch Noah’s Arc, Shirts & Skins, and RuPaul’s Drag U, but they were all regrettably canceled. And I mean REGRETTABLY. Noah’s Arc and Shirts & Skins being canceled left a deep hole in their program for LGBTQ people of color. Watching the programs gave black queer men of color something to marvel, empathize, and identify with. I never was into QAF because I never understood the White experience of queerness. I just know that after the NA season ended abruptly on a cliffhanger and returned years later with a half assed movie that left so many holes about how did they all arrived to their status quo. I am still missing something to relate to. RPDR does it well when you get to hear the testimonials of the queens in relation to their families and what they have experienced. I find in that moment as a viewer that I find closeness to the series.

In LGBTQ mass media and publications there is a huge issue with a lack of diversity. You don’t see anyone that you that you can truly find to identify with. There are so many queer men and women of color who do not find their likeness on LogoTV. Granted Transcendent and Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce does a great job of diversity with nearly non-white casts, but those shows are seated on Fuse sadly. LogoTV has truly missed to the mark. It’s disappointing that I can’t see my likeness and the likeness of so many other POC on their channel.

Fast forward to today, actually right now. LogoTV has announced that they are introducing two new shows. Fire Island that details a group of New York gay men out on exploits in Fire Island and it is to be a reality show and another reality show called Finding Prince Charming which is a dating reality show. Obviously absent is any lesbian representation and I am going to assume there will not be any transgender people visible as well. It’s already see in comments sections all over the internet that FPC will feature a white only, no fat no fems lineup of cast mates. I really hope there is a lot of diversity on both series, even if it’s going to only be muscular Adonis-esque men.

It’s a step in the right direction if they do so. I just hope that LogoTV does the work to integrate different genders, races, and body types into their programming. Sadly I don’t think we will see a thick bodied, gender nonconforming person of color any time soon, but hey what’s a little bit of life without wishful thinking? I just know that its 2016, they need to get it together once and for all.


One thought on “The Diversity v LogoTV

  1. Very thoughtful analysis, espwcually on lack if diversity
    Never was a fan of Drag Race…the whole drag queen scene bores me. And the new Logo series not inclung people of color is shameful. I’m more into Youtube now where I catch great new series like About Me or reruns of DL Chronicles or that great gay storyline in LA Complex.

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