…But What About Straight People?

But What About Straight PPL

Lately in order to flex my muscles in this brain of mine. I have been posting live feed videos on LGBTQ topics on Facebook every Monday sometime between 4pm and 5pm.  I am actually on my third posting (I’m proud of myself for consistency). In the comment section of my first and third post I got the whole; “….but straight people deal with it, too.”

You could only imagine my face. Talk about immediately having your ass burnt and irritated. I mean damn you can’t have shit as a double minority. I don’t do my post to find a platform for heterosexuals. Doing LGBTQ centered topics may be limiting to my success overall. I just find it imperative to help and foster greatness in my community. I’m in this space in my life where it is essential that as a queer man that I support my people and usher them into doing well. I find that we should let minorities have their moments of solidarity in their communities. Currently in the press, Black Americans are professing these frustrations with constant appropriation and an unjust occupying of our likeness. Not even necessarily in the Black Lives Matter movement, but there is a canonized vitriol of angst with not allowing people of color to celebrate their greatness without it being quickly co-opted, minimized, and/or appropriated. As a double minority I am never in the majority except for my gender but I cannot ride on my male privilege for very long at times once people realize that I am a gay man of color. Even though knowing I’m black is obvious, but if you are in a homogenous space with people of color. They only want to know if your gay or straight at that point.

Society is painfully geared to embrace majorities and support their interest. That always  involves the big three “majority” groups of whiteness, heteronormativity, and maleness (we all know that men aren’t in the majority anymore, but because of sociopolitical and economic means women are seen as a minority), when they are in play everything is that resides in a minority group is completely knocked out and ignored. I think it becomes obnoxious when a majority group is complaining when they feel like they haven’t had enough of a moment, even though all their moments are in my face and full frontal all the time. Like Jane Elliott said; “We can’t even watch TV…” Regardless of whether or not I want to see it or accept it, we are going to partake one way or another.

My straight counterparts, I love you all dearly but when we LGBTQ people are trying to find a place to come together. Please let us come together. It is really that simple. My cishet men and women of color you should know damn well and know better. I think I will have to address this on a future live post. I don’t think I will get my point across completely.


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