5 Things I Learned Turning 35

5 things

So on March 17th I turned 35 and when I tell you the entire world feels completely different and new, you have no idea. It’s like the answers to the questions just popped in my head all of a sudden and universe is making sense. So I decided to share my thoughts on it. I think when you get to this age there are certain behaviors one should start to take in. It will make life less complicated and peaceful.

worry-about-yourself1. Worry about yourself

Granted I am the first one to go out there and want to put on my cape and save the world. I realized that it’s not feasible all the time. When do you take time to think about yourself and your needs. Some people will call it it being selfish but it’s more so self preservation. If you don’t take the energy out to take care of yourself who will? I feel people need us. We all have relevance to someone else’s life. So taking those days to lick our wounds or to reflect on our recent mistake makes us that much stronger when we return to the social land of the living. We often don’t take an inventory of ourselves and miss out on great opportunities to become better people.

tumblr_mv5dp16KgP1r974s9o4_4002. Say it the wrong way

This is a problem I had for years and eventually becoming a blogger complicated it more. I always edit myself. I always try to avoid stepping on folks feelings, even if it was a truth they needed to hear. Sometimes you have to say it with reckless abandon. The truth isn’t always pretty or sweet or even kind. People who are truly invested into their own change and growth will honestly hear you out. The rest not so much. In recent months I have found that people thoroughly love to be lied to. They want to acknowledge only the truth they want you to see. People furthermore are often afraid of being exposed for who they really are. I think sometimes others see things in us that we don’t see. Especially if they already crossed the bridge you are about to partake on.

tumblr_mvibyuGyjy1rb67aro2_5003. Let folks live.

I would say this in conjunction with “worrying about yourself” it’s kind of the preface to the idea. If you aren’t hurting me, others, or yourself why am I concerned especially if you aren’t asking my thoughts on what you are doing? We all aren’t similar. Regardless of similar demographics we have very different components that make us important individuals. I think allowing people to carry on as they are is how we all actually get along. The expectation that we all have to be doing the same thing to get along is a notion that only idiots and children believe in.

tumblr_mz9o39od1n1qh01r8o1_4004. Make love and find a reason to laugh.

I realized that when I’m have great sex and laughing my head off I’m pleased. Dr. Klever definitely recommends a weekly dose of sex and a hard laugh. I have blessed with good friends and colleagues that eternally keep me in stitches and when there is downtime I definitely find a way to get a nut and don’t mean beating my dick (you just do that to avoid a bad situation or when you need a pick me up).

giphy5. Happiness is a choice.

One day you look in the mirror and you realize you are miserable because of what you have held onto. Not because of what anyone has done to you. At some point you have to make the choice to be happy and content with where you are in life. It will never be perfect. Things will never flow the way you like. There is always a struggle. This year it may be a car or your family. Next year it may be trying to relocate and starting over. We all are in the trenches from time to time. Just know it will pass and that in spite of catastrophe and impending doom. There is always a glimmer of hope and that you have to have healthy helping of faith. Life is designed in highs and lows and you should embrace each moment blissfully. There is always something to learn. Even when things are good.


3 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned Turning 35

  1. Happy belated birthday. Celebration and reflection compliment each other so well. This is a great list, and I read it more than once.

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