The New Civil Rights Movement?



I am still processing my thoughts on everything……

So it’s 2014 and all that had gone on over the past few years has me asking. Are we here because we put ourselves here or did dungeons else put us here?

There is nothing that can validate a death, but post the civil rights era did we learn anything, did we forget what our jobs were to be to uphold the MLK and X perspectives, or did we become complacent and think that we were safe?

We are not living in a generation where we acknowledge or are informed of our history and we don’t search for it either. I think as a race African Americans have to hold some accountability for not keeping the status quo of our race on the up and up (myself included). Not that any of that validates a death, but we have to be aware of the false and negative perception people have of black men. I took a African American studies class years ago and that blew the door wide open on race for me. I have been changed ever since, but realizing the hand we all play in the defamation of the black race is much deeper that our appearance. All the posting of WorldStarHipHop videos, all the “black people be like” anecdotes and memes, all the back and forth or light skin vs. dark skin, using religion to separate and fuel intolerance against each other is skimming the surface of our problems as a race. I find as a race we barely tolerate each other at times. The way we speak of each other, the way stereotype each other, the idea that is there is a difference between “black people” and “niggas”, the way we separate ourselves from other races instead of doing what integration was built around. This as well is skimming the surface again of what the problems that we may be facing.

If we are ever going to have resolution to these problems and the “Emmitt Tilling” of the black race. We have to understand our images of black culture as it stands in the United States. We have to comprehensively understand what the world sees when they look at us in order to combat the atrocities they are committing against me and others like me.

All the social rallies and protest have been a marvel to see. I’m happy people are seeing that there is apparently an issue. It seems we gave transcended to a new civil rights movement. Sadly there is no Martin Luther King Jr. or an Malcolm X to lead us, but we do have the power of social media and our First Amendment rights to protest and speak of our struggle. At first I will admit that I didn’t agree with some elements of what was going on being that haven’t experienced much racial persecution. As time has progressed I have noticed that there is wrong problem in our so-called post racial America. As a country made up of a minority majority populace we have to work together to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen not just to black men, but to other minorities that are targeted just for being who they are. Regardless of what people think, minority issues sit on a slippery slope. After they are done destroying the lives of black men, any minority could be next. Women, Muslims, Hispanics, the list sadly go on and on.


One thought on “The New Civil Rights Movement?

  1. I see your point but I have to make one note: Black ppl aren’t the only race of ppl with internal hatred and bashing. Whites have rednecks, “wiggers,” blonde and blue eyes idolization, and the like; Indians (from India) have the light vs dark disparagement; Chinese have eyelid fold vs no fold and alabaster skin, and so on. But still they as a race of ppl are not reduced to they’re shortcomings, so why are we?

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