I Am….. Back.



No I haven’t been here in six months and I thought I would have returned as soon as my last post. Somehow hours turned into days and days became weeks and my weeks creeped into months. I couldn’t write and I couldn’t find the reason to write. A lot of it was consumed with doing the YouTube channel and rest, well excuses. I think these six months off were necessary for me to find my way back to this platform. Sometimes when you find no ideas to write you have to sit still for them to find you. I can admit this has been a rough year in general more highs than lows so I’m changing my purpose for writing for a bit. I have been focused a lot on helping people but I think I need to journal more. It was my saving grace through my early years when I was coming to peace with my sexuality. I need to own up to who I am and the journey I am on.

In my processing I found the gay blogging world is unnecessarily competitive for no reason. I am Rodd Klever and you are you. Most black gay bloggers I have run into are insecure or jealous and spiteful. Most are compromising their integrity for notoriety and others are using their brand to get laid. I do appreciate a fellow blogger named Benji Irby ( http://benji.cc ) because him and I have very similar blogging dynamics and he has never treated me as competition. He understands that his brand is his and my brand is mine. This is my passion and yes I have been seriously inconsistent because I’m sorting thru shit. I still come here and on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine to share who I am whether people want to listen or not.

My key to success is transparency.

When I’m great I will share and I have fallen I will share.

I will make you laugh.

I will make you think.

I will make you side eye.

I will make you disagree.

I will have you saying “That’s me too!!!” I am going to take my blog to a new place I hope to enjoy the ride with all of you.¬†Hopefully my honesty will help those who need it and if anything myself. I have so much self-work to do and I pray you all are here with me.


R. Klever





4 thoughts on “I Am….. Back.

  1. Welcome back Rod, you have been missed even though I follow on all your social platforms. As a black gay man from the Caribbean your blog with your struggles and experiences have helped me greatly.

    1. Well this go round will be different I’m journaling thru my joys and frustration. I’m trying to get to the core of who I am. I undoubtedly lost my way. I hope you watch.

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