Astrological Excuses


So recently I got trolled by a weirdo on my Facebook that had strange objections to how I handled the situation with my ex and I. Even though I had not fully disclosed the entire story. The thing that stuck out the most was this i

deology that because I was born a Pisces that the ideas, behaviors, approaches, and actions I took were indicative of my birth sign.

Honestly I don’t believe in astrology. I have in the past but I have found that theory to be debunked when I dated people who were “astrologically” outside of my compatibility. I had a very successful relationship with a Sagittarius and I think I have never had a greater love than him. My sister whom I am closest with is a Sagittarius and she has been more than a sister but a best friend and actually my other siblings are great as well but none of us are what you call “astrologically” compatible.

There is this belief that because of my birth sign that I can be secretive, moody, artistic, extremely loyal and sexually a freak. For some reason every sign wants to claim they are sexually the most fit as if its a darwinistic expression of any type of truth. It’s so infuriating when people are like..

“That makes sense because you are a Pisces.”

“My ex was a Pisces and he did this and that, I have to be careful with you.”

“I don’t like Pisces men, they do too much.”


You can insert your own sign into those statements because we all have heard them. I hate being accountable for an ideal that I don’t believe in. Yes I am artistic but it was an outlet for me because I wasn’t a sports type of kid. I am emotional yes, because I was raised around nothing but women and my sisters and my mom were very nurturing and sensitive. So I have no issue with dealing with my emotional capacities.

Am I moody?

No, I don’t have bad moods nor do I take it out on people I just keep to myself.

Am I secretive?

If I was I wouldn’t be writing this blog and in my personal life I know secrets can destroy things and in turn harm others and myself. So I delight in the fact that I am very honest and straightforward.

Am I a dreamer?

Yes, but shouldn’t we all have dreams and aspirations?

The point I am making is that my experience and my personal morality is what makes me who I am. Not an alignment of stars and constellations. My experiences shaped me into being who I am today and I am still evolving. It’s unfair to hold someone to a standard like that. It’s almost as foolish as just because I am black or gay or that she is woman and Asian that we both have these certain traits and delineations. It conclusively condones the idea of limitations, stereotypes, and not researched expectations. I furthermore believe that the human or life experiences we have can not be contained within the theory of possible attributes that have no scientific or researched properties.

All and all I rather people see me for who I am and my actions towards them and others or experiences. Simply bottlenecking someone’s premeditated actions is just as foolish as assuming that black people love watermelon and fried chicken.

Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


5 thoughts on “Astrological Excuses

  1. Its what makes you sleep at night that matters. If you believe in astrology & the new world order blah blah blah & it works for you, FINE. I don’t & wouldn’t impose my belief system on others either. As I said earlier: ‘if it makes you sleep well at night’

    1. I think people are entitled to think as freely as they want. But when some things are assumed to placed on other that bugs me. But thank you for checking out my blog. Anything you like please share.

  2. Hey read via twitter you are a bartender, we are interested in customizing some bottle openers for you free in exchange for a review / link back to our website. Would this be something you are interested in? Shoot me an email if so. You can delete this comment 🙂

  3. I’m a pisces and dated all different signs cause I have the ability to adapt to change with no problem. It is not the stars that make the person it is the character. Men in general have a short attention span if u don’t spice it up they will in their own way and if u do spice it up and they still stray they are just greedy.

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