You Don’t Own Me


“You don’t own me

I’m not just one of your many toys

You don’t own me

Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

And don’t tell me what to do

Don’t tell me what to say

And please, when I go out with you

Don’t put me on display”

Dating situations at any time can be complicated, but its worst when people are trying to control you, manipulate you, and use you solely as arm candy. The person you are with or planning on dating shouldn’t be objectified. Men and women are so guilty of this, at all times. You get a hot chick or dude and you flaunt him all around town like a new show pony, but funny part is you aren’t even committed. Like the shiny new toy you are you are purposefully designated as the new toy. Shamefully folks don’t realize when they being dragged around all the time. I think when relationships aren’t defined you should have all free will to be who are and who want to.

No restrictions.

No negotiations.

No permission necessary.

“You don’t own me

Don’t try to change me in any way

You don’t own me

Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay

I don’t tell you what to say

I don’t tell you what to do

So just let me be myself

That’s all I ask of you”

In dating situations or friendship we all just want to be whom we are. As I have gotten older I have stopped trying to make everyone comfortable and just be myself, as long as I am not hurting or slowing the progression of someone else who is close to me. It also makes no sense that your character is so far reaching that it throws off the success of everyone in your social vicinity and it’s quite selfish. I get baffled when people are dating a social misfit and want them to change, knowing that they were this person before they got to you and will be this person after you. You have to synergize who you both are and reach a happy medium. Its like someone telling me well you workout too much and I want to see you often, but isn’t that part of why you are attracted to me. I will stay in the gym because that is what makes me happy and doesn’t affect the bond that we share. Furthermore if I am not asking you to change because I like or love you for why must I compromise? These examples lead to resentful and an evitable failure of a relationship. I don’t ask for much, just to be loved for who I am.

“I’m young and I love to be young

I’m free and I love to be free

To live my life the way I want

To say and do whatever I please”

As you get older and you realize, “Hey I’m getting old, I will be older, and eventually I will die.” As morbid as it sounds it’s a harsh reality. We live our lives on a borrowed clock and before we know it we have missed out on our entire lives. It’s no time like the present to do what makes you happy. I try to take full advantage of my life regardless of what time and space I am and to be in a relationship when someone seeks to manipulate and slow down that joy is at best disconcerting and unacceptable. As much as I would adore a coupling right now, I need someone who would allow me to stand strongly as an individual and I am definitely got my eyes and my heart open for it.

No cages. No prisons. No jails. No chains. No handcuffs.

Eternally Young and Free,

Rodd Klever


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