Shut Up!


You know lately I been noticing an excessive amount of word vomit from people. I thought it was something indicative of the last year, but clearly people are not content with shutting up.

We have evolved to a society where everyone thinks what we say and think is meant to be heard and exclaimed. We have developed very strong opinions about people, events, and places that have nothing to do with us or our experience. People have gotten so out of control with speaking out that they are inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot.

Cutting off their noses despite their face…

Putting their entire foot in their mouths…

And placing the proverbial carriage in front of the horse…

Succinctly America… SHUT UP!

I have strong opinions like any natural born citizen, but if I am not well informed on the topic at hand I decide to lean back and listen and/or ask probing questions. Followed up with extensive research depending how interested I am in the topic. Honestly dealing with people you find out so much by just observing and absorbing what they are doing rather than constantly commenting.

I really don’t let folks opinions sway how I conduct and experience my life. I prefer to make my assessment of the situation so I can adapt and deal accordingly. I think this was brought to a head over a comment made on my instagram at the end of the year about an object in a photo that “allegedly” caused a rivalry between my siblings. When I saw the comment I flipped out. I didn’t respond because I’m not engaging my siblings like that at this stage of my life. I plainly don’t have time to argue folks because I will handle anyone unapologetically with extreme prejudice… and I don’t apologize anymore or appease adults because they will try you again.

So I basically just shut up now.

I already assessed the situation in its entirety and I addressed both siblings on their point of view of what happened. I compared notes and assessed what went wrong. So when another sibling made an uninformed statement it gas-lit the shit out of me. I was furthermore pissed because I was accused (by the same sibling) of taking sides when I had basically went to house to house and laid everyone out including my mother for the part we all played in it that lead to this dramatic event.

I think if people held their tongues more often or addressed each other with insight and understanding a lot of things wouldn’t “pop off”.

Another situation was with a co-worker who was trying to berate another co-worker for going on a fifteen minute break with me. She made uninformed comments and my co-worker was mature enough not to argue. I, on the other hand would stuck my dick in their feelings and fucked them slow. I have a smart ass mouth when tempted with an asshole.

I understood their concern, but your articulation is out of line.

This is what I mean by shutting up.

Not at all am I minimizing Columbine and I am very sorry for the death of those teenagers, but you can’t push people and talk out the side of your neck and not think they aren’t going to retaliate. I am not all saying go into a school blazing guns especially in light of the Newtown incident (which eternally breaks my heart).

I am saying you don’t know what kind of day they are having or had.

You don’t know who else shat on them before they got to you.

You don’t know their mental state.

You may not even know how they may feel about you.

They could have clean started fighting in there like two rabid dogs at a Black Friday sale in a Wal-Mart. If you are going to express what you feel negatively. Expect people to respond. Do not give yourself the opportunity to get molly-wopped ( because you are having an opinionated moment and you trying to keep it real.

Silence is golden people, embrace it.

Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


2 thoughts on “Shut Up!

  1. Lol…very interested post my brother very interesting.
    It seems the pot is calling the kettle black if you will excuse the idiom. I like what you said but it strike me as odd that in one sentence you will condemn a man or country for speaking their mind regardless of the consequences, but will create a blog where you have the opportunity to do the same. A person should and is allowed to speak their mind and I like that you ensure the person should understand the ramifications for their actions. I can honestly say there is nothing better than a well informed person, especially a black person. I love my people and it hurts me deeply when they or others regardless of race or creed will make a judgement call without all the facts. How ignorant can one be? (Excuse the pun). It good to know that the opinions of others do not dissuade you from your beliefs but sometimes the opinions of others can provide you with a wider/broader view of the “world” thereby enhancing your insight into a situation, thus increasing your understanding. It seems to me that the world need not “Shut Up” but “listen up” with more than their ears. (If that makes sense)

    I applaud you for posting your feelings and will continue to read the works of a learned brother, especially one who speaks his mind 🙂

    1. I feel what you are saying but I expressed people being too overly opinionated without care and information.. As I said I love being an American but you to articulate your opinion properly and also said to listen ask questions and do your own research not at all stifling people’s opinions but just to use overall care

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