Simply Twenty Twelve

2012-12-29 15.09.40

The year Two Thousand and Twelve has been the most amazing year yet. Full of very high highs and very low lows. I experienced almost every emotion except romantic love, but the love I have for myself, my friends, my family, and above all God has eternally and change, grown, and evolved.

So let’s run down the quick review to the things I can remember. LOL.

My year started with me giving up fast food. Something I look back in hindsight I thought I would never overcome. It’s almost a distant memory now. Soon after I turn thirty-two which my birthday for me was spent when friends who soon later become very much less than friends and in their entirety never really spoken to again. I finished my last semester in community college without a degree because I was short two courses. It was a major miscommunication with my school. In the summer I took a road trip with a very close friend to Atlanta and had an amazing time and towards the summer I had a horrible depression in which I lost 15 pounds on my already small frame because of a betrayal of some aforementioned friends. Not but a week after that I left the country for the week and saw the beautiful island of Trinidad during the height of their 50th year of independence and the summer Olympic gold win. I returned back with a new love of the states and new love of the world I am in. I got my fitness game on lock and results are coming for once and I’m happy with my overall appearance for once. I had a real bad falling out with my family that lead me to disassociating my relationship with them as a brother and son. I didn’t return back to school that semester but I spend my time focused on my blog and my writing. I came to realization my close friend was really my best friend and she was all I needed nothing more and nothing less. I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my closest friends and my sister who have undoubtedly become the family I needed. I made it to Christmas with the sorest throat of my LIFE and couldn’t talk for a day. I almost found love but that failed due to a insecurity that I had nothing to do with.

All in all it was a great year and everything that happened was supposed to happen and I would never take them back.

I will say that people clearly placed themselves in my life and revealed who they really were and I’m thankful for that.

Friends have become best friend. Enemies have become disappointments. My heart has become stronger but at times still breaks.

I know more of who I am now. I know now what has to be done. It’s like seeing a glimpse of your future and knowing that is time to still change and alter your destiny.

She may not see this, but I don’t know who and where I would be without her. I have sat watched us grow together as siblings and friends. My big little sister as I call her has been more than a sister at times and when I say I love this woman. Y’all have no idea. She has become one of the essentials in my life.

God has blessed me with people who genuinely love me and care for me who honestly understand my past, loves my present, and enhances my legacy.

At the end of day my loves invest in people who will invest in you. Hold on to them tight and love them like you never want them to leave. I promise you they will repay your spirit tenfold with the understanding we all are so deeply looking for.

Remember it’s the quality not the quantity of the people you hold in your space and above all in your heart.

I want to thank my “Makeshift ” Family, the dudes in my Facebook group who have become more than friends but brothers,  my fitness fam on Twitter for always looking out, the few brothers I know that blog and vlog, and….

Finally I want to say thank you to everyone who supported my blog in 2012 and be prepared for a serious ride in 2013, because America you about to see shit you have never seen before as I push my brand further.

Love you all.

Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd K.


2 thoughts on “Simply Twenty Twelve

  1. It’s glad to see despite the highs and lows of 2012 that you are at peace and love with yourself and I wish you all the best in 2013

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