Do You Like Me or The Idea of Me?



In the catastrophe of this winter I have had a lot of candid conversations with other “prospective hopefuls”. I think people are attracted to the idea of me, not me. You feel me?

It’s like I talk a good game but they eventually won’t seal the deal. Often times these are people who are in unsuccessful relationships and I think to some extent I am some kind of escape from the mayhem of a ridiculous lover. I offer a consistent and balanced personality that reminds them nothing of the person they are with. I never understand why they stay because I know what they have is more than a rough patch it is the beginning of their end. I realize you can’t convince people to so what is common sense in this day and age.

So do I play the waiting game?

Do I pray the lover fucks up and I get what’s mine?

I know even if the split does happen they may not even want to date again. It’s so many scenarios that run through my head. I could imagine all the ways it could play out but realistically I see my being the loser and less of the victor.

I had a relationship years ago where I experienced unconditional love and I reveled in it. So now when I talk to folks I can exemplify that easily because it is a part of who I am now. I know how to be a solid lover and a consistent one when I love someone.

Sometimes honestly I feel like I’m being catfished and not that these are online endeavors but I feel like someone is not telling me everything and I don’t deal well with secretive people well. They often blow up in your face at times and you are left looking like boo-boo the fool. Not at all is it my agenda in my thirties to look like a complete and utter ass for someone else. So I am very leery or people who only let you see their strengths and not their weaknesses. I say this. I am to ever love you and I will, I will love all your good days and bad days and even if you are wrong and I am right I would never discount the love I have expressed to you. I treat my friends this way and I would treat my boo-thing the same way.

With all that standing I talk to folks and it’s like they are enamored with being a guy with me but can’t take that leap.

Am I too sure of myself?

Can my confidence be my undoing?

Is being real, clear, concise, and semi-discerning of one’s self a romantic intimidation?

I been asking myself this all night and I wonder am I the only one?


Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


9 thoughts on “Do You Like Me or The Idea of Me?

  1. Its you with the problem, It seems as though you pick guys who are unavailable. I think you like the idea of you being single so you toy with dating. Its time to do something completely NEW!

    1. That’s false… You can’t help who you meet and who you are attracted.. It’s just something I have noticed in my thirties when folks are settling more into serious relationship and when they have those minutes they backslide and wanna feel single I happen to land in their direction. I am happily single but I’m happy in general. I just would prefer someone who is unattached who gives as much attention as those who are… Just as you hit the thirty plus the dating evolves and gets more qualitative and small just gotta find the right one…

      1. Because they are in social settings where I wouldn’t know if they were until after we chat a few times I find out. I don’t judge folks when they make that move I wouldn’t make one unless they were single. Just sharing my experience .

  2. So your post brings up some interesting thoughts.
    First I want clarification, are you okay with being the “other”? After discovering these individuals are in a relationship, whatndonyou do? When you say you are “with these” people what does that mean, what is the extent of your relationship? Why would you play the waiting games; there are 7 billions people in this world, over 560 million are in the United States, I’m sure there is a single individual out there for you?

    You said “…wait to get what’s yours”? Is this other person really yours? If you were so important to them wouldn’t they leave who they are with for you? It seems you are their option or backup plan, while you are making this person your priority. I saw this movie that I really love called “It’s Complicated” which helps a person understand their worth. I would consider watching it.

    So you mentioned unconditional love. Me personally have never been in love, nor believe in it, since I haven’t experienced it other than the love God showed me when he died for my sins and from my family, but never been “in love.” If love was unconditional why did it end? I would think the only thing that would keep y’all from being together is death, which I hope isn’t the case.

    Are you so sure of yourself?????

    I like the fact that you are willing to expose yourself for the thoughts and opinions of others, it shows a sense of maturity

    (S/N “interesting” is my favorite word to describe situations that are different)

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