Days of Fuck Buddy Past



This is a solid piggy back off of my Cuffing Season: Reloaded post.

So with this cuffing season nonsense going on I realized I have accumulated a few lovers in my time. Well since losing my virginity back in 2002. Nothing to be ashamed of I am a sexual being and I know I do it well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

So one the particular people I ran into said to me.

“What happened to you? We was supposed to be married with children.”

So you know I am looking very confused because we really had nothing much than a few sexual trysts at best and I distinctly remember the sex being good but my sexual appetite has thoroughly evolved and changed.

It’s like at that time I could have been eating fried whiting, when now I prefer a good ole sushi or shrimp tempura. So if we ever reconnected again since it was years between us. There is no assurance that the sex would be amazing let alone satiate me in my entirety.

My rebuttal was simply: “You got stingy with the sex and I don’t chase. So I moved on.” (smize and closed mouth smile).

Trust me it didn’t come across that harsh, but really. I think people don’t understand the type of lover I was in my mid-twenties. I couldn’t articulate an “I like you.” or even “You make my day.” I just communicate through my lusty, ripened, engorged loins. I was sweet on the person and it definitely could have blossomed into something more, but it didn’t. If I was really feeling you I was not at all too proud to beg AT ALL.

“So when you coming thru?”

“I’m trying to smash tonight.”

“Moms aint home slide on thru.”

“Where can I scoop you?”

I didn’t fuck around and I wanted it I was going to find some way to get you to the crib, even if I had to pay for your cab fare or metro fare if I was in between cars. In hindsight it came across thirsty and folks may have exploited the yummy goodness I was giving up sometimes. I don’t want folks to think that sexually that they got me wrapped so when I hit the wall with chasing I stop cold turkey.

But I digress.

We spent a night together after that. It was the same ole shit. I hit it so fast in the morning that I had the Road Runner saying Meep! Meep! for me. I think I left a toenail under the foot of the door I got out so quick. Not only that I left with a hard dick they had no intention of giving up the goods and I wasn’t going to play that game.

So I have solidified the idea of not rehashing old love interest and/or fuck buddies after that night. I think lovers are meant to be left after you don’t get up after so long. Also being that I am so fully aware of the type of person I want to marry… not date America… MARRY. I can’t fall any other foolishness right now. So what’s your thoughts on this topic? Are you haunted by your past fuck buddies?


4 thoughts on “Days of Fuck Buddy Past

  1. Thanks for sharing this blog posting. I think it comes down to how people see sex and how people see relationships. We don’t all them the same way. Add that reality to a lack of respect, there can be problems. Getting with exes for sexual tension release is cool with each can deal with the being separate and equal. 😉 If you are single and free of resentment from failed relationships. I think you it’s perfectly healthy to have a sexual partner on the side that is ex-your wife, husband, or “boo.”

  2. Would you eat leftovers that your tossed in the garbage no matter how good only because you too lazy to get up and go to the store? If your answer is no then an ex “whatever” is just that, an ex. Go get out in the world and find something new and fresh.

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