Fanaticism: The New Epic Fail



So I have recently embraced the nuances of social media and all parts there in. It has been at the least interesting. I have made a lot of great connects, new friends, and have had insightful, well rounded conversations. Sadly to my dismay I don’t understand the obsessive interest of celebrities, the need to promote them, and to defend them. I think for instance twitter allows you somewhat of a direct connect to celebs which I think is great. It’s nice to see someone who you are interested share pieces of their life and their basic everyday humdrum. I have followed celebrities, politicians, and reality stars at some point but I eventually unfollow them because honestly I don’t know them and it’s not going to be easy to get to know through social media. For me recently the straw that broke the camel’s back was all the hype behind Brandy’s new album.

Now don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Brandy’s music in my youth but not so much recently (personally I think collaborating with that woman beater Chris Brown which turned me off to her.. that’s another blog though). It was like it was “Two Eleven” hashtags and shit everywhere. I couldn’t log on without someone saying something about the album. Then my instagram was getting flooded with screen captures of folks playing her album and textgramming that they purchased it and the asshole I am I posted this….


I know mean-spirited, but you will admit she does look like one.

The people that usually like or comment didn’t even touch my instagram post. One even said; “Don’t talk about my girl like that.” It was probably made in humor but in the grand scheme there were twitter arguments over how great Brandy is and let’s say someone like Ciara and Ashanti are not. Not that I cared either way. It is conversation fodder. It wouldn’t be something I would converse about at this stage of my life. Like I was a big Aaliyah fan, but they have schlepped her name through everything. I can’t even listen to her music without getting annoyed.

Ultimately I don’t fall into the hype of situations like that because if I haven’t sat in the room with you I don’t know your character or your values why should be chatting you up on my TL like we are besties or homeboys or even had conjugals. Real talk Brandy (I’m just using her as the example for all celebs nothing personal.. extremely.) isn’t checking for me. She isn’t writing any checks over her. I seriously doubt she has even crossed my blog.  She aint drop a tip in my pocket at my bar. Not that I’m at all knocking the sister’s talent because clearly she has made it and I haven’t. The question really becomes when did celebrity lives and interest become more relevant than our own and why are we desperately tuned in when we aren’t tuned into the things around us.

I will be the first one to say support our musicians and our artists. I will be the first one to buy anything Adele, but I’m not interested in who she is as person just the melodies and lyrics she conveys in her music. I love to hear her sing. I hope to one day see her live, but I’m not sitting here giving a damn about who was the dude she was talking about in “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You”. I have more pressing things to worry about. I think we all do to be sincere. I know musical artist want that social media hype to drive sales, but do I have to hear it every five minutes. It’s even caused me to unfollow folks and block them and sadly look at them with an eternal side eye. We are in the middle of one the most decisive presidential elections in recent history and while I’m tweeting during the debate, folks are still chatting Brandy. I don’t follow teenagers I follow adults who are affected by the turn out of this electoral year. I don’t know am I crazy? What are your thoughts? Or is being fan turned into something bigger than what it is?


Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


4 thoughts on “Fanaticism: The New Epic Fail

  1. The internet is also full of douchey people who are normally otherwise good decent people. If I don’t like the same things they like then suddenly I’m out the circle or we can’t talk or they hurl insults etc etc. Whatever, people suck and they’re too old for that.

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