Twitter Beefs, Cyber Gangstas, & Legal Ramifications


I think people have gotten too ballsy with talking shit behind a computer screen. Lately I have noticed all kinds of shit-talking, bullying, ignorant comments, and misinformed opinions on the internet. Some directed at others, at celebrities, and some at myself… but u know I don’t really give a fuck. It’s in fact very cowardly. You are popping off at the gums and we aren’t even in the same room or the same city, let alone the same state or coast or country.

Folks are bat-shit-in-the-belfry-petting-pigeons-with-Mike-Tyson-biting-earlobes crazy apparently. You can’t talk rudely to someone on the web not knowing their level of psycho. People can easily track your IP, photo map you on instagram, follow your check ins and then find you and do God knows what.

Anytime when a guy is in North Carolina threatening to harm the president and they get locked up, it’s serious out here.

Anytime a person suggests raping Sherri Shepard in an alley and she presses charges, it’s serious out here.

Anytime a parent can seek legal action against a child and parent for cyber-bullying which leads to their child’s death, it’s serious out here.

Bottom line what I’m saying is if you can’t say it man to man or woman to woman keep your mouth shut please. I know I got things I live for and me passing a silly comment to some stranger who is an undercover employed macadamia (AKA nutjob) is not worth my life. You have seen these kids getting killed or their asses whipped over these twitter beefs and facebook taunts on WorldStarHipHop. I be damned if I become the video victim. Think before you speak you never know who is on the other end.


Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


2 thoughts on “Twitter Beefs, Cyber Gangstas, & Legal Ramifications

  1. What you said is so true the world we live in is so fucked up and people say things that is compete shit coming out without thinking first if everyone would take the time to take a walk in someone elses shoes maybe this wouldnt be such a bad place

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