The R.A.P.E. Victim


Disclaimer: This post does not all does not have anything to do with the foul act or make light of rape, sexual assault, molestation, or sexual violation of any type.

The hypothetical situation:

*phone rings*

Rodd: Hey wassup (person) what’s the deal?

Friend: I’m good just chillin watching tv, about to hit the mall. Wassup with you?

Rodd: Shit, laying in the bed, being lazy watching cartoons, what else do I do? *laughing*

Friend: Good that’s wassup. I need your advice on some real shit.

Rodd: Aight cool. I’m listening…

Friend: Well you know so on and so forth, did x, y, and z, but they don’t understand my situation in reference to the now and then, regards to the contrary that I possibly more or less in part to the possibility of here and now. So what you think?

Kinda sounds like:

So you get my point. The conversation is nonsensical and you really never reach a resolution and furthermore like clockwork you talk about this about at the same time every month like it’s a monthly visitor and last I check America. I have a penis and I pee standing up (except when I’m sick, or drunk, or tired, or gassy.. never trust a fart basically).

What is R. A. P. E.: Requiring Alot of Personal Energy

I have a few friends who are guilty of this. It’s like I’m living my life on Groundhog’s Day and to be honest it’s thoroughly exhausting and forces more distance between us. It ultimately ruins a friendship because someone is wayyyyyyy too needy can really take the life out of me. I literally just stay out of touch with them or dodge their phone calls and texts and whatever means of how they contact me. I think what it really comes down to is not having the common sense to recognize that they need to change or just let it go. My answer is usually “If you are getting the same results, change your FUCKING tactics.”

The only way to outsmart a circumstance is do something you haven’t done before to handle it. For instance, this may appear shallow so bare with me. I was really fed up with my dating life and I just turned 30. I had been always in the same situations with the same type of people. So I started working out hard and when I tell you when I showed off the new body, I was damn near getting everything I wanted. The only backlash was that it diminished my intellectual value which is a whole other blog, but I leveled the dating field. I made an proactive decision and I got what I wanted. I think we often forget who we are trying to make happy, when it should be ourselves not necessarily everyone else.

It’s like these people are energy assaulters and always seem to find you at your weakest or totally off guard. I have learned you never ask them open ended questions when you chat with them. You have to ask yes/no questions. You never ask how they are feeling they will go in for the kill every fucking time. Also it is strange they always seem to be in some kind of distress or calamity. I think some of us are sadly built better for catastrophe more than others. I have my days I need a friend to talk to so I can bounce things off of them, but usually I’m not looking for an answer from them, but clarity to make sure I’m not crazy. With these “rapists” it’s like they don’t care who they “assault” and usually it’s someone they have built a safe place with.

Five Signs You Got A “Rapist”

  1. It’s always a woe-is-me conversation/pity party of why they are so sad and lost and how no one cares and the world is against them deal.
  2. You call them and they totally disregard that you called them because you needed something and they go right into their latest stressor.
  3. They will complain or cry about same situation at the same time of the year every time or at certain cycles/intervals.
  4. They are extremely passive in their personal lives. Sure they are aggressive at work, but at home it’s like they waiting on everyone else to make a move or a decision for them.
  5. They are incessantly indecisive and horribly afraid of change. Getting a meal at McDonald’s becomes an ordeal.

I recommend you avoid these people and don’t enable them. They will constantly use you as an outlet for their insecurities. Remember you are a friend, not a victim.


2 thoughts on “The R.A.P.E. Victim

  1. Boy Stawp!!! I was being raped by this one girl for a year straight. I just cut get off I’ve day because her ass was draining my spirit. Would just call and complain about this no good ass fool she was sleeping with. I told her the same thing each time but to no avail. I’m so feeling this post!!

  2. Yes. I think it started to happen to me at 30. I started to slide off into my own world. Actually it was about 28. I had a friend who was just too much. Of everything, all the time. I had to cut her loose. As the years have gone by, I’ve had to learn how to recognize my role. Where I can help, where I can assist. Where I need to sit the eff down. Where I need to stfu. Just saying. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is offer to be the Popeye’s chicken sponsor with cheap wine & beers and watch them thrash it out on the floor as you sit there in horror. In fact, it seems to really be a best practice tactic these days.

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