Legal Institutions Rule!!!


So recently the state of Maryland has become the eighth state to recognize gay unions. Now I am not writing to choose a side but to state my opinion on the matter and where I stand on it.

This all stemmed from a friend on Facebook posting the article from the Washington Post ( acknowledging the passing of the bill. She had some foul commentary from her friends and this is an excerpt of what I had written.

 “You know God forbid we lose our rights as African Americans because civil rights aren’t an Amendment they are laws that have to be renewed and if ever Congress felt the need to vote against renewal we lose all our rights and privileges and even marriage and we go back to be 2/3 of a man… In spite the fact God teaches us to love the person and not the sin… the folly of humans is to still believe we have the right to pass judgment on those aren’t considered desirables by current religions… I’m blessed Jesus Christ didn’t turn his back on the lepers and disenfranchised… he helped them… talked to them… never judged them… Saddening that we as a race have been treated as the biggest anomaly thru American history and 50+ years removed from our 300+ years of tragedy we still cut up like overseers on a plantation… strangely you know the UK just removed a law in 2010 that it was ok to own a slave in spite the fact that it was incomprehensible hundreds of years before… I wonder if people know that 75% of heterosexuals marry and at least 50% of the 75% result in divorce… which is the minority of United States… I think it’s facetious to think that all Americans are Christians… we live in a free country where we are allowed to worship whether it is monotheistic or polytheistic… I’m a proud Christian and I follow the ideal of Jesus’s love for everyone regardless if I approve of their lifestyle or choices… Bizarrely we feel so strongly about the gays but not about the men who are molesting our sons (in the church mind you) or infidelities that happen, or the children out of wedlock… This is one of those things that people have to learn to accept… Whether they believe in your god or not, people have the right to protect their property and assets and above all their hearts… and before you dare shit on someone else… your ass better be wiped clean.”

The bottom line is America… Whether or not you agree or disagree. We as a country have bigger concerns than gay rights which are linked to human rights…. And sadly we still are lacking in our rights as minorities. It’s jarring we entertain such pettifog as gay rights, because if you were gay what does it have to do with you. This is one of those things when we look back on our history it will be another stain, when the rest of the free industrialized world has already made this move.

Gas prices through the roof, the recession is still lingering, the education of our children, crime and victimization or our families, our enemies gaining nuclear power, and there are other more pressing matters we need to pour our hearts in. If we are still denying help to someone because of race, sexual identity, or gender identity, we are missing out on the intent and purpose of this land.

Strangely I am more concerned that every person in this country has some kind of history of oppression. The only people who were left unscathed were anglo-saxon males. So women, blacks, jewish, Asian, Hispanic, transgendered, multiracial, gays, and all those in between have been treated unfairly and not given the same civil liberties and others. You would think we as a country we bonded by our differences not divided, yet we still deviate from what is the right thing to do because we haphazardly forget what it’s like to have the shoe on the foot.

Ask yourself if it was me? How would I feel?


One thought on “Legal Institutions Rule!!!

  1. I know what the bible, Quran and Torah say about homosexuality. In the bible is listed with other sexual sins. Oh and I hate when people say that gay people are going to hell. If someone was to read that scripture correctly, speak with a minister, look at a concordance and greek lexicon they would realize that the bible was not saying that homosexuals with go to hell. It was referring to anyone who was living a sinful life. It is amazing to me that people treat homosexuals like lepers. Yes I know it is considered to be a sexual sin but so is fornication. Fornication is glorified in this country. Matter of fact people in there teens and even tweens are having sex. How bout we focus on that. I love all people whether it is for or against my faith. I personally could care less if someone is gay or not. That doesnt change our friendship. Some of these laws are made based on morals just like abortion. I personally dont believe in abortion but I dont feel that I have the right to tell someone that they cant have an abortion. I think this country is full of discrimination though against anyone who is different. This is a free country. Yeah right, Its free is you are straight and not a minority….oh and u must have money because they treat poor people like crap also.

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