Time Tables… 1 x 1 = 1??? Lies

I think your 30s has become the worst time to date. Well at least your early 30s. When I was in my 20s I had ample time to play, run amuck, fuck this one, date this one, get my heartbroken by this one, break the heart of that one and in hindsight (which is always 20/20) I find those experiences built me into the thirty-something who is so complicated to date at times. By the time we all hit 30 we have definitely accumulated some form of relationship baggage. Whether it be a divorce, an abusive relationship (verbal or physical), watching the one you should definitely be with get away, children (yes they are baggage if you are not with the person because the new person is going to have to accept the situation especially if they are without kids and your kids are bad-asses), the death of a lover, and a buffet of things that impede the process of you getting to know me and vice versa. My baggage was playing around, not focusing on my career/education goals, and being financially irresponsible. Hell, I own up to it, would I do it all over…. HELL YEAH… in a minute. I think it builds character especially the dating and playing around. I eventually got all of the bad habits outta my system so I can date and be absolutely, 100%, certified, stamped … FAITHFUL. Now most know me for being a sexual being at times, but I’m human we all are, but in a relationship if you want something to grow into something more tangible than a few nicknames, seven (7x) months of bliss, and explosions of bodily fluids, you’re gonna have to solely focus on the person you are with, good, bad or indifferent

Now the question at hand…… Do you know your time tables?

We all know 2 x 2 = 4 and so on and so forth, but this isn’t a math lesson. Time tables usually involve 2 people trying to become one.

I hear you…you’re saying, sooooooo…. Rodd Klever that sounds easy 1 x 1 = 1, you say; “I got this, aint shyt.” Well let me tell you… the equation doesn’t balance. Now, look at the first “1” very closely… I MEAN CLOSELY…. You see it?

I’ll give you a second….

(plays Jeopardy theme)……………………………………… Ok times up.

If you look very closely to the right of the 1, there is an exponent that says kids, or ex-husband/ex-wife, or victim of domestic violence, or whore, or bad credit, or baby mama/daddy drama, or undercover bisexual tendacies and its not always men… it is also women, or weird sexual needs like adding an amputee midget with gout into sexual play… (I digress) these unknown factors often are missed or not revealed until later. So a lot of times the balance of your issues may outweigh the other person or again… vice versa. So somehow at this stage in your life you have to bring it together and become one. It works for those who have the strength of perserverence, but for other who are in no mood for a fight or extreme adversity it won’t work. I found that sometimes in my own dating expreinces I respect adversity, but some things I will not negotiate on.

Now bust this shyt…

I see nothing wrong with you having a roommate or staying with family or not having a car or even being in between jobs, but I CAN NOT date someone who is submerged in all three variables because then I have to be your daddy and I don’t have kids and anyone over 25 is not a kid to me.

I will not negotiate on my sexual satisfaction…. If I don’t do something I don’t care how you feel I’m not doing it and If there is something I wanna do, you gotta be down for it… I know very “neanderthal” of you Mr. Klever but it’s not that complicated, trust me. It’s simple as me not wanting to be with someone who would have sex on their mama’s bed at her house while we are visiting for the holidays and just as serious as me being with someone who loves to kiss… come on, you gotta love kissing folks.

There are other situations that come later in the developing of a relationship(s). The Pythagorean Theorum of Relation-tivity:

Biological Ticking2xMarriage Ready2=Possible Pre-Nup2

Sounds like the most but there are several remedies to this equation to undo this problem. Get in line with the other person and make it happen or come to an understanding until you are balanced in your desire/concern with the opposing integer (person). This equation may take months to years depending on how bad you want it (or study). Be patient you will come to a conclusion to what you want good, bad, or indifferent.

A lot of times more than often we are so under much pressure to achieve these things when we havent started loving ourselves before we started loving someone else. We all know if we dont start with one (1) how dare we go to two (2). Its not 0, 2, 3, 5 (unless you having twins or pets LOL). We should start with our “love” constant…. 1(yourself+love). We seek out love at times to fill the void in our lives when really all we needed is ourselves, a good couple of friends (http://fromraewithlove.com) , and an occasional glass of wine to cope with a hellacious day of work.

(Time/Love)+YouMe =Eternal Bliss2

This is the ultimate goal we should be working for… All other things like family, a home, the trips to the Caribbean, and the picket fence will all come to you. Tell me what you think folks. Until next time…

Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


15 thoughts on “Time Tables… 1 x 1 = 1??? Lies

  1. You know I love these damn equations and this post!!! About time we got another one. (no pressure) I am going to have to steal one of the equations and work it into a post.

    But you’re so right and we’ve talked about this on a regular. It really begins with self and spreads out from there. In mathematical terms – I am the line and either I will find one to intersect or one to run parallel with me through eternity. So far it’s just been intersecting lines. In fact, I am a vector – from what I read – they have magnitude and direction. So, I’m a vector.

    How is it that I didn’t see this in my 20s? I wish I could really tell all my younger sisters this and really get them to see it. You’re complete as you are – within yourself and your relationship with God. Sadly, sometimes we have to figure it out for ourselves. No one else can give you that. A good friend once told me we all have to get real comfortable with ourselves because well, we’re going to spend a lot of time with ourselves.

    And you’re right. ALL of those issues/factors can’t be busting moves in your life. One of my old school supervisors, who is/was a righteous player, used to tell me that if he wasn’t working and his money wasn’t right or there were all of these other factors, there was no way he was going near someone to date them or deal with them. It’s just too much. Everyone is always looking for someone to save them when we are the ones that have to save ourselves. Love you!

      1. I do love it…I have to show you how to create a hyperlink as well. It’s really easy. Tell the gran drag I send my best.

  2. I can agree with how you were living life back in your 20’s…hell I was right there with ya! Even though I had ONE child at the time, my responsibilities were so out of place. Being a mom was a priority of course but hey, dropping her off with daddy gave me ample opportunity to get high, get twisted, date a dude here and there, give up the goods, hang out carefree etc etc etc…but my revelation came in my mid 20’s…child #2 came along and I wanted to settle down, so that’s what I did. If I had to do it all over again, I would do things differently. Even if it meant not having children right now, they would at least be up in heaven instead of on earth living in an environment that I created knowing full well they deserve better….either way, I suppose the decisions I made, some good and some bad have lead me to where I am now, which is allowing me the opportunity to right my wrongs and provide better for me and my family. I’m just hoping this time around I can do it right!

    1. Eb we had a wild set 20s and I think we both survived them and did well we recognize the change we have to be and where we have to go.. Im honestly so proud of both of us…

  3. True wisdom
    Loved every bit of it the math makes since and ur words are not bias every past relationship carries some form of baggage its up to us to decide to keep it in the storage from of our brain or on our backs and shoulders for easy bitter access 1X x -1X = most “relationships” I love ur prospective NICE!!!!

  4. I can appreciate this post. You know we have had many conversations (you cursing me out) about loving myself and everything falls in place. It wasn’t till I started falling for me and I started feeling better about who I have become and whom I’m evolving into that my relationship blossomed.

  5. Love the piece its not easy to find the right 1 to be with you in your life. And we make it even more difficult by not being who we truly are we just pretend to be someone else in the hope of impressing the guy/girl that we are talking to at the moment and when we finally get deep into the relationship our true self comes out. Why not start out by being you and if that person runs away screaming then they were not for you…Stop all the game playing save it for game night with frineds and loved ones.

    1. Wow thank you David and thank you for being support glad to have finally made a friend with someone who is quality and I know will be great on this journey in my life….. Thank ou for your insight.. always incredible…

  6. You definitely shed light on that subject. Kudos, talented baby bro.

    FYI….the Pythagorean theorem is simply…A2+B2=C2, Not judging just helping with the times tables. XOXO

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