An Introduction of Sorts

I didn’t really know how to start. So I want to start a big HELLO….. WAZZUP……. HOLA……. GUTEN TAG……  The name is Rodd Klever…. I’m 31 and a resident of the DMV area. I thought after years and several conversations with a group of close friends I would start blogging. My side of the vast internet universe is going to center around my experience as a 30-something with some co-mingling of the DC lifestyle, relationships… and of course a plethora or other things that I think that define this unique place in time. When I turned 30 I was elated. I was done with my 20s, I was officially an adult… or so I thought. I found things definitely got hella complicated in this new place in life. You sit in this dynamic crossroad or options and possibilities. You are an adult… yes, but you still have this freedom and calm you never were able to obtain in your 20s. I love this time in my life. I have learned more in the last 18 months than I think I have ever learned in the decade of daze and confusion because we all know we spend our 20s in three modes: Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, and Trial and Error. It’s an empowering time and I don’t know how people go through this great time and not identify the core of who they are. I am going to use this blog and later my youtube channel in conjunction to share my thoughts, concerns, opinions, and analyze with a side of humor that that folks in the real world know me for. Since I got your undivided attention let’s talk about where I am.

I am currently working full time and studying full time… my career and educational focus… not sharing that at this moment, but I’m sure in due time we all know what my plans are once I’m more comfortable with this outlet of expression. I live in with a sister and two kids while I resolve the difficulties of my trial and error days of my 20s. I am single currently and I can’t decide if I should be in a relationship or stay in this place. I don’t have any kids but one day I hope to do so, but who knows what may happen. There is much more of me I will “un-shelve” in due time I hope you all will enjoy this ride with me so bring your bible and a seatbelt it’s going to get interesting.

Peace and Hair Grease,

Rodd Klever


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